Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLAs)

Ipswich Covered Outdoor Learning Area

We’ll fabricate your school’s covered learning area specific to your school’s landscape and needs.

For your school’s next outdoor area covering project, give ShedZone a call to see what we can do for your school. We have worked with St Edmund’s College in Ipswich, QLD to create covered outdoor learning areas which are compliant with the Queensland Government’s regulations and loved by students.

  • Our COLA’s can cover over your tennis and basketball courts, or just a predetermined area which you can use for school assemblies or parades. We build the size you want.
  • We have the roofing options to prevent rain damage and to suit the sun angles at your school to optimise solar panelling opportunities and reduce heat.
  • We can install ball guard and anti-bird roosting solutions
  • We can also create covered walkway solutions using the same solutions for your school

Contact us for more information and we’ll build what you want!

  • Manor Red
  • Jasper
  • Classic Cream
  • Surfmist
  • Paperbark
  • Dune
  • Shale Grey
  • Windspray
  • Evening Haze
  • Woodland Grey
  • Pale Eucalypt
  • Cottage Green
  • Deep Ocean
  • Ironstone
  • Monument
  • Basalt
  • Cove
  • Gully
  • Mangrove
  • Night Sky
  • Terrain
  • Wallaby

Our customisations are built to suit your needs, speak to one of our sales staff to see how we can help you. Consider ShedZone for your next COLA.